Tree roots in Klinteskoven, Møn, 2014

Old Pictures

Pictures taken from the book:"Af Møns Historie" by F.Bojsen from 1905.
There is no referral to who took the pictures, and if anyone object having the pictures on this homepage, let me know and they will be removed.

harbolle_skeleton_1905.jpg (19858 bytes) skeleton_1905.jpg (8686 bytes)
Left: Skeleton dug out from a grave in Hårbølle
. Right: The skeleton

marienborg_bauta_1905.jpg (16953 bytes)
The Bautastone at Marienborg! It looks like a giant tree once grew in the middle of the fake long barrow.

sprove1905.jpg (10499 bytes)
A long barrow at Sprove

Sprove Round Barrow
Sprove Round Barrow 1905

gelhoj_1905.jpg (11602 bytes)

Excavation at Mandemarke
Excavation at Mandemarke

Kong Asgers H
Kong Asgers Høj 1905


The different kinds of ancient monuments found on Møn:

Long Barrows

Passage Graves

Cairn Chambers