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Welcome to my highly personal site about Møn. Updates are very scarse, but I do hope you will find something on these pages that will inspire you to visit Møn!

Møn is a small island in the southeast of Denmark. It is mostly known by its incredible nature. All kinds of landscapes are found here such as beech woods, moors, forests of reed, salt meadows etc. Both bird- and orchid-entusiasts will love it here! Ancient monuments can be seen just about everywhere and reminds us about Møns long and interesting history. No less than 7 churches can be found on this small 217km² island which tells us that it was a higly populated and rich island back when they where build. A greater part of my family lives or has lived on the island for generations.

Facts about Møn:

Size:217 km²
32 kilometers long.
Population: 9.200 (2022)
Highest point: 143m

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