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Where you may walk and how to get there:

Most of the fields and forests on Møn are privately owned and therefore you should read the following on where you can go and where you can't.

In general this applies to all landscapes on Møn:
You have to get there by a public road, path or by boat. That means that it is not allowed to walk across a field to get to an ancient monument etc, if there is no sign that says otherwise.
You can only stay for a shorter period and only during the time 07:00 to sunset. You may not camp in the forest or on the beach.
You may not go near houses/privately owned buildings etc. Keep a good distance!
Dogs must be in a lead during the period 1st of April to the 1st of September, but should be held in a lead at all times.
In public forests you may walk on the paths and in between the trees. You may not however camp and/or make fires!
In bigger private forests you are also allowed to walk on the paths. In most of those forests signs are posted at the approach roads with more specific rules on what you may or may not do in the forest and whether it is closed for hunting or not.
You may gather berries, nuts and mushrooms for your own private use.
It is not allowed to pick flowers on Møns Klint or the landscapes behind it!


For information and booking of the different kinds of accomodation Møn has to offer I recommend you go visit Destination SydkystDanmark for an overview of all of the options:

How to get to Møn by public transportation - A travel planner that combines both train and bus.

More Useful Information:

Market-days in Stege:
Every Wedensday and Saturday, 9.00 - 12.00
Tuesday Market - Every Tuesday in July Stege transforms into one big Market, with music and special offers.

Harbours on Møn

Stege Havn

(54° 59,0´ N • 12° 16,9´ E)
External link to Stege Harbours Website

Stege harbour is also home of the M/F 'Møn', the oldest danish, still functioning, ferry from 1923. External link to the ferry's website

Klintholm Havn

(54° 57,2´ N • 12° 28,0´ E)
External link to Klinholm Harbours Website

Hårbølle Havn

(54° 53,4´ N • 12° 08,0´ E) This harbour is small and owned by the users.

Nyord Havn

(55° 02,4´ N • 12° 11,7´ E)

Bogø Havn and Skåninge Bro

(Longitud and latitud not available)