The amount of churches on Møn tells us that back in the time when the churches were build a lot of people lived on the island, and there had to have been rich people as well to pay for them.

The people of Møn has also neglected the same churches when times were rough, and turned to other beings for help. More on this subject later...

If you want to read more about each of the churches located on Møn, Nyord and Bogø, and off course read about the mysterious fresco painted, Elmelundemesteren, who has decorated 3 of the churches on Møn: Elmelunde, Keldby and Borre you will find them listed below. If you ever come to Møn you have to see at least the 3 churches decorated by the Elmelundemester, they are indescribable beautiful!

Damsholte Church
Damsholte Church 2008