Nature & Culture

Despite Møns size it is packed with places to go!

Møns absolutely number one nature attraction is without a doubt Møns Klint - the majestic chalk cliff that rises 126 meter up from the sea to the gnarly birch forest, Klinteskoven, above it. The beach here is a great place for fossil hunters and in the landscape behind the cliff you can find both remnants of ancient monuments and delicate orchids. Liselund was once part of the forest, but were transformed into a fairytale garden during the late 18th century.

Just a stonethrow away from Møns klint and Liselund you'll find the hills of Mandemarke Bakker where the annual kite festival is held and also one of eastern europes best bird localities - Busemarke mose! Another great location for watching birds is Nyord. The cozy small island is also an unique example of how the villages looked before the reformation of the farmlands.

Besides fishing, agriculture has always been important for the island and two of the manors Klintholm and Marienborg offers public entrance to their parks behind the main buildings.

Stege the capital of Møn offers good food, shopping and museums. During the summer different activities are arranged; such as the highly popular Tuesdays Markets and later during the fall you can attend the herring market at Stege Harbour. Just outside Stege behind the old sugar refinery there is a haven for birds in the old earth-basins - Jordbassinerne.

Museumsgården just outside of Stege is an an unspoiled farmhouse from the 19th century, donated in its entirety to the nationalmuseum and opened to the public in 1968. During the summer you can see handicrafts men an women demonstrate old handicrafts and farming techniques.

There are many beaches and forests on Møn that are well worth a visit, but the most visited beach is Ulvshale. Here you can also attend the music festival HøstMøn to celebrate the end of summer and start of the fall.

Since 2017 Møn has been part of the Dark Sky Community and has two Dark Sky Parks; one at the eastern part of the island and one at Nyord. So if you are into staring at the night sky looking for far away galaxies and stars, Møn is the place to go!

There are all sort of talented artist and handicraftsmen and women located here and every year since 2000 authors from around the world visit the world litterature festival on Møn

The absolutely best way to discover the islands Møn, Nyord and Bogø is perhaps by hiking the 175km long Camønoen!

Maj Gøgeurt, Jydelejet, Møn, 2008
Orchid, Jydelejet, Møn Joachim Henkel 2008