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Stege Harbour

(54° 59,0´ N • 12° 16,9´ E)
Stege´s harbour lies right at the old middelage town Stege where it has been situated for many centuries and played a big part of the town and island´s history.
The harbour is spacious and is a good starting point when you want to explore Stege and the rest of the island a little bit closer.
Close to the harbour you will find the touristoffice and the busstation.

Hårbølle Harbour

(54° 53,4´ N • 12° 08,0´ E)
This harbour is small and owned by the users.

Klintholm Harbour

(54° 57,2´ N • 12° 28,0´ E)
A modern harbour, you can arrive at anytime of day or night, water and electricity is available on every bridge and there is round the clock access to both toilets and bath´s.
The resort "Danland" at the harbour offers both swimmingpool, tabletennis, playinggrounds for children and more.

Near Klintholm Havn you have a childfriendly beach and if you rent a car you can visit both Liselund and Møns Klint which lies nearby.

Nyord Harbour

(55° 02,4´ N • 12° 11,7´ E)
A small cozy harbour, build about 100 years ago by the inhabitants on the island for their aprox. 30 sailships and fishermen and as a base for the island´s then big piloting tasks with up to 27-28 pilots working with this task. Now the harbour is used by the local fishermen who has their fishing grounds in Bøgestrømmen.

Bogø Havn and Skåninge Bro

(Longitud and latitud not available)




This magnificent bridge which middle part is carried by to gigantic pylons was opened for traffic the 4th of June 1985 by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe.

The bridge is an important approach road to the visitors of Møn and connects Zealand with Falster.


Møn's Museum

Storegade 75, Stege
(External link for events and info: www.museerne.dk/mons-museum/)

Things To Do:

Antiques / Flea Markets / Second Hand:

There are several flea markets on Møn where you can go hunting for special things.

Relaxation and Well-being:

Craftsmen and women, galleries and painters:

You can find a varierty of crafts on Møn; such as ceramics and pottery, glas, basket works, weavers, candle makers, amber works.
Mønsbroen Mats Eric Persson, 2002
faro bridge
Farø Bridge Mats Eric Persson, 2001
Farø Bridge Joachim Henkel, 1998 and Mats Eric Persson, 1991