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The 14th Century

The herring-fishery had a good income and contributed to the wealth of the residents of Stege. Many of the residents who lived in Stege were German Craftsmen. Stege was frequently visited by rich and important people and the king often came on visits mainly to hunt in the forests of Møn. The markets were rich in goods, and expensive goods such as spices and silk were to be found as well.

Such a wealthy town needed more protection, so about 1360 Valdemar Atterdag (1340-1375) strengthened the fortress Stegeborg so that the walls became 5 ell (=225 inches or 5,63m) thick and the key almost 1 ell (=45 inches or 1,13m) long. After Valdemar Atterdag the castle had several owners until the year 1534.

Corrections made: 16/3-2003