The 20th Century

Nothing much at the moment, but in the future you will be able to read about the 2nd world war and how it effected Møn and how one of Møn landmarks was destroyed by the weather...

So if you know of any specific event that took place on Møn during this century please let me know!


Nothing out of the ordinary happened this year. The economic times was hard in the whole country, and when the danish currency devalued 5 % in Oktober it didn´t help much.


In May the danish state began to talk to C.C. Scavenius about placing Møns Klint and its surroundings under protection and the possibility to buy a part of the landscape from him. The discussion came up when Scavenius was planning to start to dig for gravel in the landscape behind Møns Klint.

The 26th of December a terrible snowstorm came to Møn, and it was later known as "The Winterwar on Møn". The snow came down in heaps and at new year the island was practically buried in snow. The military was called in to help pregnant women and sick to the hospital. When the snowstorm finally moved on, the houses in some parts of the island were totally covered in snow. (I know my family has some private pictures of this event, and I will try to get hold of them, so you will get a picture of the amount of snow it actually was)


Præstegården in Stege was restored for the amount of 621.000 Dkr.

An oilcrisis put pressure to the already hard economic times in the whole country and effected the rates and the inflation to go up, and even more people were finding themselves unimployed due to the financial situation in the country.


The financial hard times continued and 50 people lost their jobs when the shipyard Baesværftet closed on Møn. Also Vitrom, an electronics business, closed on Møn leaving many without a job to go to (Including my mom, and aunt).

The danish state bought Møns Klint in May. In total 33ha, from Liselund to the lighthouse in the south, and a small part of the forest Klinteskoven, and the forest at the sea at Busene Have for the amount of 10,7 million Dkr.


The new bridge "Storebro" connecting Lendemarke with Stege was finished.

The economic hard times had finally reached both pensionists, workers and businesses which could be noticed with the increasing amount of forced sales.


The unimployment on the island kept on rising. The rates reached 20% and the inflation about 10% which caused a goverment change without an election. In the end of the year the new goverment had managed to turn the economics around and rates began to drop and so did the prises on domestic fuel oil.


The year began with a heavy storm and high tides, and a flooding catastrophe was just barely avoided by a quick effort on Møn´s embarkments. The the rain poured down, not making the farmers very happy, and they did not get any happier when the summer was extremely dry. But the good summer draw tourists instead and made this year the best tourist year ever.

The economic hard times was finally changing, the rates went down and the unimployment stopped rising, but the amount of unimployed people on Møn was still pretty high.


The sugarrefinery celebrated its 100-year jubilee.

Even this year the tourist season was good.


The Farø-bridge was opened for traffic the 4th of June by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe.

Mønsbroen Mats Eric Persson 2002