The Iron Age

500 BCE - 800 CE

The Celtic Period

About 500 - 150; 0 BCE, during the Celtic period of the Iron age, urn/cremation graves were still used, but the bones were not cleaned as they were in the late Bronze age and they can be found together with remains of coal. Most often no urn was used. Not many findings have been made on Møn but evidence tells us that bronze was imported from southern countries and the Celtic culture had a big influence on the area.

The Roman Period

During the Roman period of the Iron age, about 0 - 400 CE, the import of Roman handicraft products and valuables in silver, bronze and gold had taken over after the Celtic period. Graves from this period have been found at Katrinedal (excavated by Dr. S. Müller) between Stege and Keldby, Slotshøj near Keldby and at Askeby.

The Germanic Period

The Germanic period of the Iron age begins about 400 CE but no trace of this period has been found on Møn.
Corrections made: 16/3-2003