The 15th Century

In the end of the Middle Ages (1430-1530) Stege reached its highest point of wealth ever. A third of all fish (Herrings) on the Danish fish market came from fishermen from Møn! That is why Møn's shield contains three herrings.

Though the castle had been strengthened in 1360 by Valdemar Atterdag(1340-1375), it was only the people who could seek protection in the castle, and the town was pretty much unprotected during an attack. So around the year 1430 Stege´s rampart and moat were established by Erik of Pommern. On top of the rampart a town wall was build which unfortunately was destroyed in "the biggest robbery in Møns history" as it is referred to (More on that later). Three towers were raised one for each approach road. Except for the one still standing today, Mølleporten, there was also one at the end of Skammestræde, Rådhusgade today, and one at the end of Langestræde.

The fortress however could not stop fire and plague, so a greater part of Stege burned down together with Stege Church's twin-towers, and the plague followed soon after and would take about 30 years to reconstruct the welfare of the town.

In 1447 King Christoffer of Bayern gave Møn the privilege to trade goods outside Møn, but within the borders of Denmark.

In 1450 King Christian the 1st of Denmark forbade the farmers to trade their goods outside Denmark, especially in Germany. The farmers sailed directly to the Germans and sold their goods which contributed to that the merchants in Stege did not get anything to sell and the citizens had nothing to buy.

On 15th of July 1476, King Valdemar's privilege to the town of Stege, regarding the citizens' rights to let their cattle and horses grass in the nearby forests was confirmed by King Christian the 1st. on Stege castle.

In 1481 all foreigners were forbidden to trade with the farmers on Møn, as it hurt the merchants in Stege. All trade should take place in Stege and nowhere else. If any trade were to be discovered anyway, their goods would be confiscated.

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