Bogø Church

Bogø Churches nave originates from a medieval longhouse.
Bogø Church
Bogø Church

The tower and the church porch on the southside(the entrance) are from the Late Gothic period. Around 1500 four arches were build in and from the same period some remains of decorations can be found on the naves north wall.

The altar-panel with woodcarvings is from the year 1661. The altarpiece from 1665 has a figure of Christ and 4 evangelists on it. The pulpit is also from around 1665, but has been transformed and renewed during the 18th century. The baptismal font is an old sacrificial stone with symbols of the sun. It has been hollowed and provided with an baptismal-vat. In the back of the church an old cross can be seen, which has been badly restored.

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