Keldby Church

The oldest parts of the church, the nave and the choir, were build in the years 1200-1250. The small sacristy by the choirs east-wall was added around the year 1700.
Keldby Church, JHe 2007
Keldby Church

Inside the church you will find one of the biggest fresco monuments in Denmark. The oldest frescoes are dated back to the year 1275 when the transition between Romanesque and Gothic style took place. The frescoes on the nave are from about 1325 and are lively and well-composed.

The Elmelundemester decorated the arches like he did in Elmelunde and Fanefjord Church with his colourful frescoes in the end of the 15th century.
The youngest fresco is from the year 1600 and can be found in the choir and is a face with an Lutheran clergyman's ruff.
The frescoes all together represent four periods of time.

The late Gothic triptych is from the 1500s and is gilded and richly carved. In the middle of the triptych is an figure of St. Andrew with his cross, he is surrounded by relief's showing motifs from his legends, and further out are depiction's of 11 apostles and a canonised bishop.
The Renaissance style pulpit and seat of the parish clerk are dated by an inscription to the year 1586.

The Church ship inside Keldby Church, JHe 2007
The Church ship inside Keldby Church

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