Fanefjord Church

This is probably my favourite church on Møn, not only is it build in a beautiful surrounding, on a small hill overlooking the small fjord - Fanefjord and has as its nearest neighbour the magnific 100 meter long longbarrow Grønsalen, and then of course is it also covered with colorful and beautiful frescoes inside.

The oldest part of the church - the nave - dates back to around year 1250 and is the only part of the original building, about year 1300 the 8 arches were build in and in 1350 the first frescoes were painted on the chancel arch at the choir, they portraits the four evangelists. Then 150 years later the church was white-washed and decorated by the much so mysterious Elmelundemestrer. In the beginning of the 16th century the old choir was replaced with the one present today and the tower was build.

The tower of the church overlooks the fjord Fanefjord were one of the most important harbours in Denmark once laid. A big market was situated in the inlet and sailors, merchants and noblemen gave money to the building of the church. Today the market place is long gone and the churches nearest neighbour is the ancient monument Grønsalen.
The youngest part of the church is the eastern choir which was completed in 1660 and it is also at this time the dusty frescoes were white-washed and covered.

The frescoes was covered for many years but then in 1932-34 they were brought back into the light. Due to the massive layer of dust the frescoes had been protected from the white-wash and in order to bring them forward the restorer only had to dry-out the church and knock/peel of the outer coat of white-wash.

The baroque altarpiece is dated by a painted inscription to the year 1634.

The pulpit from around 1645 is probably made of the same woodcarver as the one in Elmelunde Church.

The font is made of marble from Gotland and was a gift from the towns of the Hanseatic League and are from around year 1300.

Fanefjord Church Joachim Henkel 2007