At the end of the 15th century the old wooden ceilings of the three churches of Elmelunde, Keldby and Fanefjord were replaced by Gothic arches. An unknown artist called "Elmelundemesteren" (the Elmelunde Master) painted the still wet white-wash causing the natural colours to penetrate the whitewash and stuck real well.

The motifs were inspired from the illustrated medieval bibles. Several motifs recurs in all of the three churches and are characteristic by the peoples triangular faces and "sleepy eyes". Stars, flowers and miniature trees entwine the people in the frescoes which are wearing medieval clothes, weapons and tools.

As suddenly as he appeared as suddenly he disappeared only leaving a small emblem amongst the frescoes for identification.

During the reformation in the 1530´s the frescoes, which had become dirty and less colourful, were white-washed.
In 1880 the frescoes was then due to luck found in Elmelunde Church (Whereof the name "Elmelundemesteren") and an extensive restoration was begun. Due to financial problems much of the frescoes are still hidden under the white-wash today.

The mark of the