Elmelunde Church

Elmelunde church is one of Denmark's oldest churches and is most certainly Møn´s oldest church.

The oldest part of the church is the central part of the choir which dates back to the year 1080. The lower part of the tower dates back to around year 1300, but the tower was first finished in the beginning of the 16th century.

The flat mound, to the left of the church, is believed to be an old heathen burial ground from the bronze age, before the Christian church succeeded.

The altarpiece was a gift from King Christian the IV´s daughter and her husband Seneschal Corfitz Ulfeldt and has the Kings monogram in the top-frame. The big middle-frame of the altarpiece depicts the institution of the Holy Communion. The sides depict the two evangelists Marcus and Johannes. Two small angels flanks the top-frame. The altarpiece is from the year 1646.

The pulpit also a present from the Kings daughter and her husband is carried by the apostle Peter and is from the year 1649. Big figures of the four evangelists fills the big frames while the smaller frames in the corners contains the symbols of the evangelists.

In the beginning of the 16th century after the present choir was added the mysterious fresco painter called "Elmelundemesteren" began to paint the white-washed arches of the church.

Elmelunde Church, Møn, 2007
Elmelunde Church Joachim Henkel 2007